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Cambodia has so much to offer to international traveler in terms of a rich cultural, natural and historical heritage. Not only are there the world renowned Angkor Wat complex and surrounding temples steeped in history and mystique, but for those who enjoy relaxing on tropical beaches. The country undoubtedly offers some of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in the world. Offshore lie coral islands and exotic fish while inland indigenous flora and fauna, waterfalls, and tropical forests all await discovery. [Click here for the various Tours packages, Hotels in Phnompenh / Siemreap, and Airfares and flights schedules

Cambodia has places of interest all over the country but the principle attractions can be divided into three main areas: Phnom Penh, Siemreap (Angkor), and the South coast. However, for eco-tourists, more and more people are heading off the beaten track and venturing into the hilltribe regions of Rattanakiri, Mondulkiri, the Kirirom National Park and other more remote but beautiful rural areas.

Without question, the heritage of Cambodia far surpasses that of any of its neighbor, harking back to a past time when it was the dominating force of the region. Its territory, far in excess of its current one, encompassed much of what is now Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. The architectural achievements from this period are without equal in the region and are on par with the wonders of ancient Egypt or Aztec Monuments. Extensive articles about the History - Angkor Civilization, Reasons for rise and fall of the Khmer Empire, and the Chronology are available for visitors to learn the background of this impressive country.

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