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Angkor Village Hotel
Boutique Hotel - Wat Bo Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia 

      Facilities & Services :

Angkor Village Hotel offers guests quality facilities including :

  • Auberge des Temples - Khmer Restaurant
  • Apsara - Theater and Restaurant
  • Lobby Lounge and Bar
  • Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi
  • Traditional Massages
  • Business Center and Library
  • Angkor Heritage - Souvenir Shop


  • Airport Transfers
  • Confirmation of Flight Bookings
  • Car, Motorbike and Bicycle Rental
  • English-speaking Guide Reservation
  • Elephant, Boat or Helicopter Rides
  • Laundry Services
  • Baby Cot, Baby Sitting Service

Apsara Theater and Restaurant : Enjoy an unforgettable evening of tradition at the Apsara Theatre dinner-show. The palatial architecture of the theatre, inspired from royal performance houses, combines traditional Khmer decoration with modern air-conditioned comfort in faultless harmony. Discover the history and legends of the Khmer Kingdom through various types of popular and classical dances performed by the Apsara Ballet troupe. Step back in time to the Angkorian Kings and their courts, and wonder at the magnificence of the traditionally styled performers' costumes. 40 dancers, singers and musicians introduce you to examples of our traditional dancing and rich cultural heritage.

To complement this cultural evening, experience the many distinctive tastes of the selected traditional Khmer cuisine expertly prepared using fresh natural ingredients, produce and spices, served in the superb surroundings of the Theatre dinning room.





Apsara Theatre, in front of the Angkor Village.

  •  Dinner and Dance show every night from 7.00pm 
  •  Enjoy a traditional Khmer dinner, with classical and folk dancing entertainment in 
     the sumptuous air-conditioned theatre.

Guide to Khmer Dancing : King Jayavarman II, educated in Java, is given the credit for the origins of Khmer choreography. In the 12th century, Indra descended to Earth and presented Jayavarman II with the Kingdom of Cambodia, the attributes of kingship and the mythical Apsaras, who revealed the intricacies of dance to Khmer people.

Apsaras Ballet - This ballet was performed at offering ceremonies and palace celebrations during the Angkorian era. The Apsaras, half-women half-goddess, are heavenly dancers. Their circular movements, poised motions, and lightness of their gestures, all symbolize their hovering between the cosmos and Earth.

Fisherman's Dance - This rural entertainment dance is a lesson in love and courtesy. It depicts, with exaggerated expression, boys' and girls' attitudes to love and courtship. The dance shows a tenacious and mischievous boy courting a shy and earnest young girl.

Mekhala Dance - A metaphor for the victory of good over evil. Armed with a crystal ball casting rays of lightning, the goddess of waters Moni Mekhala triumphs over the demon Ream Eysaur, whose axes creates thunder. The two characters illustrate the victory of beneficial rains over the dry and stormy season.

Coconut Dance - This popular dance from south-eastern Cambodia is performed at wedding ceremonies. Highly rhythmical and punctuated with shouts and the rapping of coconuts, it expresses the joy in life and harmony amongst Cambodians.

Legend of the Reamker Dance - In this extract from the Khmer Ramayana, Princess Neang Seda is held prisoner by the daemon Reap. Her husband Prince Preah Ream goes looking for her, escorted by his brother Preah Lak and Hanuman, chief of the white monkeys. A battle follows between Hanuman's troops and those of the fearsome Reap.

Angkor Village Hotel - Facilities & Services - Accommodation - Restaurant

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