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Angkor Village Hotel
Boutique Hotel - Wat Bo Road, Siem Reap, Cambodia 

      Restaurant :

Auberge des Temples - Khmer Restaurant - Experience the romanticism of its dining room, open to the light breezes through the tropical garden, taking the time to relax while enjoying y our cuisine. The Restaurant's reputation has been established through the respect for Khmer culinary traditions that the hotel's chef has expertly incorporated into its menu with typical French flair and style to suit your discerning palate. Come and taste the fresh and flavor some produce sourced daily from Wat Damnak village market and selected local suppliers. Only the freshest and best quality products are selected and carefully prepared for your gastronomic enjoyment.

Selected Khmer Specialties

  • Amok - fish, coconut cream, coconut milk, eggs, chillies, garlic, lemon grass, kafir lime.

  • Nhoam Tra-Yaung Chek -banana blossom salad (thinly sliced banana blossom) to enhance shredded chicken, dried shrimps, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and garlic.

  • Sampo Prahet Kroeung - fish ball soup (prahet-minced fish) with pumpkin leaves, lemon grass, lime, garlic, and shalots.

  • Chha Sach Ko Kroeung - stir-fry tenderloin beef with peanuts, lemon grass and garlic.

  • Prahok Kh'tih - fresh fish with minced pork, prahok, coconut cream, basil and spring onions.

  • Special Dietary Needs With advance notice, the Chef and Restaurant staff are able to cater for most special dietary needs. While the normal menu offers a range of vegetarian dishes additional dishes can be prepared depending on your specific requirements and the availability of local produce. The selection of fresh vegetable and fruit salads refreshing, flavorsome, nourishing and ideal for your light luncheon choice.





L' Auberge des Temples
In an open room surrounded by ponds, water lilies and fountains, our cooks invite you to savour their best Khmer traditional recipes.  L' Auberge des Temples, Traditional Khmer Restaurant -- Angkor Village Hotel

Our restaurant recipes follow genuine Khmer culinary traditions.
Carefully selected every morning at our village market, fresh and delicious products are cooked to your taste delight.

Apsara Theatre-Restaurant - Every evening, after a tastefull khmer dinner, our 40 dancers, singers and musicians perform 3 palatine and 2 village dances.

Angkor Village Hotel - Facilities & Services - Accommodation - Restaurant

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