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Ban on Bike & Motorbike Rentals to Tourists in Siem Reap

Issued: 05 December 2001

A restriction was reported last week and concerns the rental of motorbikes and bicycles to tourists in Siem Reap. Officially foreigners are not allowed anymore to rent and drive themselves bicycles, motorbikes (big or small) in the Siem Reap area. According to official sources it was done in order to protect tourists from potential accidents.

They now would basically need to hire a motodop (local motorbike with driver) or a car to visit the temples.

When we wanted to rent bicycles for a group of tourists last week, the rental shops refused mentioning the new "law". Some shops already sold their stock or shipped it elsewhere.

Nevertheless enquiries with individual travelers and observation in Siem Reap last week-end showed conflicting results and some "foreign" cyclists were seeing touring the temples as usual. To be followed.

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