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No Bull, Cambodia believe magic cow cure the ill

Issued: 25 September 2002

Hundreds of Cambodians with stiff joints are flocking to see a large cow whose lick is believed to cure rheumatism and other aliments. A great number of ill peasants offer incense, candles, flowers and water to beast, which then licks the patient.

It all began when the cow escaped from its pen and started massaging its owner's leg with its horns. The cow's owner who is a local teacher told that he had problems with his legs that he could not walk to school, and that one day, the cow had come to him and had rubbed its horn against his legs. Afterwards, he could walk fine.

However, authorities are keeping a watchful eye on the cow and its owner to make sure that the gullible patients are not taken advantage of and that nobody ends up regretting their bovine faith.


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