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Cambodians urged to eat more dogs

Issued: 11 September 2003

Cambodians are being urged to eat more dogs as part of a crackdown on stray pooches wandering around Phnom Penh.

Dogs along with exotic menus of spiders, beetles and crickets are regularly found in the impoverished rural areas, but in the relatively sophisticated Phnom Penh, eating them is frowned upon.

However, the growing problem from stray dogs fouling around the Cambodian capital has prompted the city's special policy to control a number of these doggies and for city-dwellers, to throw off their traditional snootiness towards dining on man's best friend.

City governor Kep Chuktema tried to persuaded people in Phnom Penh to eat dogs as saying in Cambodia Daily newspaper: "Come on, dog meat is so delicious. The Vietnamese and Koreans love to eat dog meat. (Cambodians) don't have wine, but poor people can enjoy their dog meat with palm juice wine."



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