Passage through Angkor

Photography by Mark Standen

Text by John Hoskin

232 pages, 200 full colour photographs

275 mm x 220 mm, hardback

Available from all leading book stores

Price: 1,195 Baht

Cambodia's ancient temple City is one of the wonders of the oriental world. Materpieces of decorative detail as well as of architectural style, its awe-inspiring ruins survive as testament to the spectacular achievements of Southeast Asia's greatest civilization. Like Cambodia itself, Angkor has suffered bitter changes of fortune down the centuries, none more so than in our own time. Today, again accessible after long years of civil war, the ruins are once more attracting world attention as a priceless heritage site. At the same time, Angkor remains an enduring monument to the people of Cambodia, their past glories, their hopes and aspirations. In Passage Through Angkor, photographer Mark Standen captures the essence of a truly remarkable place and the life that surrounds it.

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