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Markets in Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh - Cambodia
Of the more a dozen markets in Phnom Penh many of them are little interest to visitors, selling, as they do, general household purchases in many of the districts of the city. There are, however, several centrally located markets of real interest to shoppers, browsers, and souvenir hunters alike. Be warned that nothing is priced and bargaining is a must.

Central Market is one of the largest and busiest markets in Phnom Penh. Built in 1937 by French architects and surprisingly cool, even in the heat of the hottest day, many interesting products are available. The eastern side, which is the main entrance, has many souvenirs and ornaments on sale from T-shirts to large stone heads. In the center are the many jewelry stores and precious stone vendors as well as a plethora of electronic goods merchants, cloth sellers and other dealers; most of them selling thing considerably cheap.

Toul Tom Pong Market (or Russian Market) is probably the city's best source of objects d'art. Items for sale include wooden and stone carvings, various ritual objects, silverware, and old Indochinese notes and coins. There is a large range of antiquities and curios for those prepared to ferret around the various stalls and there are also gold and silversmiths inside the market who can be seen custom making jewelry. This too is a good source of both Cambodian and Chinese Silk and Clothes. This is one of the most popular markets in Phnom Penh with foreign residents and tourists who can spend many an interesting hour browsing before choosing the perfect gift.

O'Russei Market on the North side of the Olympic Stadium is a typical Cambodian market catering to the every needs of the populace. Here the sights and smells of this market give the visitor  the feel of a local market with many house-wives still purchasing their foodstuffs on a daily basis. This market is full of local character and one can only imagine the banter that takes place between all the vendors and customers. Here, is one of the best selections of the different types of fruit from all over the region, though the choice, naturally, depends on the season.

Olympic Market is probably one of the cheapest markets in town with lots of whole-saling going on here. It was renovated and re-opened in 1994 as a three story modern building with reportedly Cambodia's only escalators.

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