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A Ride Through The Lands Of Unsaid Mysteries- Cambodia

Cambodia is a country situated in Asia known to have a special interest in any traveler’s mind for its scenic landscapes bound to have a magic spell on a person’s heart. What makes the place so interesting is its amazing blend of both modern and ancient worlds, which is true enlightenment for the explorers. Cambodia’s highlight has always been the presence of the 8th wonder of the world, which is the famous Angkor Wat. But there is more to the talk about Cambodia, which remains unknown to the outer world. 
Tracing Through the Cambodian History
Talking about Cambodia’s history, it has a glorious collection of kings and historical monuments that speaks of its powerful kingdom and royalty. The Cambodia that is there today is the successor state to the Khmer empire, which is the mightiest empire that is known to have rules the areas that include Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. There are remains of this mighty empire found in and around Cambodia that every monument has a story behind it. The ultimate glimpse is always shed on Angkor Wat, and it will remain deep to any perron’s heart once they see it. It is still unmatchable to any other destinations globally for its unique feel of awakening all the senses in its beauty and glory of long years.
Diversity in Historical & Contemporary Factors
The specialty of Cambodia doesn’t limit to its temples and their history. It has a lot more to offer through many other diverse ways. One of the best aspects is its people. Needless to say about the development of its urban areas can be left the tourists in awe for its vibrance in its versatility. Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, is famous for its chaotic yet blissful location of the riverside setting and cultural collection of the experience for a world-class dining treat. On the other hand, Siem Reap’s city is known for its cosmopolitan life of urban lifestyle and the like. In general, Cambodia attracts for its historical touch with a twist of the contemporary to the visitors around the world with different mindsets with whatever their background, cultures or perspectives be. 
A Bit of Everything
The country is famous for its heritage culture and is the people are rich in culture. The rural life and the country’s vast rice paddles and sugar plantations have a lot to make the visitors wonder about people and their lifestyle. The tropical islands situated on the South Coast is a hub for fishing and more welcoming for its blue them of natural landscapes. More vibrant is the tropical wilderness that comprises the Cardamom mountains with its greenish vibe. It is a home for countless flora and fauna worth knowing and learning for the visitors, and hence, it has a great scope for some ecotourism adventures. The presence of freshwater dolphins is yet another blissful experience located at the heart of the mighty Mekong River. And so, it stays unlimited to the wonderful travel experience in Cambodia.
Facts About the Costs
Cambodia is favorable in terms of their costs, which attracts tourists to have a trip there without making a fuss in their budget and at any time. Though prices are about to rise, this country never failed to be nice with its visitors and had always remained the best for offering excellent value and service to its fullest. If someone is planning is a good budget trip, Cambodia would be the perfect choice in every aspect ranging from food expenses to accommodation. Surprisingly, the expenses required to visit the famous Angkor Wat are relatively less to any other wonders of the world, and t is easily affordable to travelers worldwide.
Going further down to Cambodia’s daily expenses, it is much less than any other famous travel destinations in the world. In most parts of the country, there are affordable budget rooms available, which are only about $7, and the food is way cheaper all over Cambodia. As the luxurious concepts increase, it shows a considerable increase in the amount of money that one pays. Also, some of the museums and other tourist attractions in Cambodia are too much expensive as well.
Major Tourist Attractions in Cambodia
The tourists are always in a quest to find the best tourist attractions in a country before the visit to plan accordingly to have a scheduled and hassle-free trip. This is why it is important to know and plan Cambodia’s tourist attractions before paying a visit. Here is one of the top attractions of Cambodia tat one needs to know about, and they are as follows:
⦁ Siem Reap: Eco-Quad Bike Experience, in which the transportation facilities are included and have 2 hours duration for the same in a closed private group setup. 
⦁ Waterfall Day Tour of a small group in Phnom Kulen with a duration of 6 hours. 
⦁ Tonle Sap Cruise & Road Tour between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh is about an 8-hour duration included with transportation facilities.
⦁ The bliss of Meditation practice and Village Tour will be done around Angkor Wat for about one full day.
⦁ Banteay Srei, Pre Rup, and Ta Prohm Temples with Private Guided Tour.
⦁ Beng Mealea Temple and Kampong Kleang Day Trip
⦁ Cambodian Circus and Jungle Bike Tour.
Truth Behind the Cambodian Spirit
The magnificent landscapes of Cambodia are truly a combination of wildlife attractions and ethnic minorities. Though it has an abundance of natural sightseeing spots, which makes the country amazing is its people. They are known for their optimistic spirits throughout the hardship they had gone through in the past, such as poverty, instability, to name a few. It was more like a hell and back situation through which people there had struggled. Thanks to their positive mindset, it never fades their smile, and so do their hope, with what is termed as the true Cambodian spirit. This had indeed made the visitors from all over the world to love that country. The energizing ambiance of Cambodia has a huge role in keeping up the spirits of their people higher, and it has proven to be lifting the moods of visitors too.


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