Cambodia Tourism- When, Why, Do’s And Don’ts

Cambodia Tourism- When, Why, Do’s And Don’ts
Life is all about living all the beautiful pleasures and making the best memories. Everybody deserves a joyful time away from the monotonous house chores, continuous study periods, and productive office sessions. Exploring foreign lands and appreciating varied cultures is the best thing to do. The world has so many places to visit other than the trending and often visited countries. Take a break from the regular list of vacations, and head to something different. Plan an exciting trip to Cambodia the next time, and it will be a holiday worth remembering.
Find below the most helpful details and loveliest reasons to spend some quality time in this fabulous Southeast Asian nation- Cambodia.
Reasons to visit
Every traveler would want to know what his or her holiday destination has to offer. After all, the motive behind planning such a trip is to enjoy the sight-seeing and other thrilling experiences. So, those who do not know will be fascinated to know the reasons to visit this place.
⦁ Unique Culture- The main attraction is the balance of traditional and contemporary traditions. People will find the wisdom of monks and advancements of cities.

⦁ Historic Architect- Angkor Wat and Khmer architect have a global name for being beautifully attractive. The traditional sculptures and temples are works of pure marvel.

⦁ Aesthetic Landscape- Refreshing beach water and cozy sunshine together give eye-soothing views. The low-lying central plains and nearby peaks are also worth watching.

⦁ Warm Hospitality- The local people are down to earth and respectful. An outsider will not feel trapped or alien as citizens are quick to help. However, be wary of pick-pockets.
Best time to drop by
Those who seek change from cold and snowy places must visit Cambodia. Here, the temperature is usually warm throughout the year. It is recommended to come here between November to April. The climate has a set pattern as follows:-
⦁ Rainy Months- September to October
⦁ Colder Months- November to April
⦁ Warmer Months- May to August
Colder months have a temperature around 68°F or 20°C. This duration is less humid as compared to warmer days. Some tourists love to watch the lush greenery in the rainy season. But heavy showers may hamper city roaming with increased cab fairs and other rain-protection needs.
Legal Cambodian requirements
Be it any foreign land; it is imperative to meet all the legal obligations. There are no hard and over-the-top conditions of Cambodia, but some usual and new safety guidelines must adhere. Some of the must-follow points are:-
⦁ Original documents- A valid visa is the obvious need, along with original ID proofs.

⦁ Covid-19 Negative- Owing to the current pandemic current, it is vital to show a genuine report of being coronavirus negative. The test must have done 2-3 days before the trip.

⦁ Health Insurance- This is another needed aspect due to the 2020 pandemic. Travelers may be asked for health insurance proof. It helps to ensure the welfare of society at large.

⦁ Other Formalities- With pandemic things getting back to normal, some rules get relaxed or stringent as per the prevailing need. Every visitor must not miss taking notice timely.

Do’s and don’ts in Cambodia
Cambodia is known for its rich heritage and cultural values. Buddhism is closely followed, and other practices are close to the heart of the citizens. It is always good to learn about diversified customs and routines. Vacationers talk about finding peace and learning new things here.
Hence, it is imperative to know what a tourist should do and not value the local norms.
⦁ Regard Monks- People pay their best regards and respects to the monks. It is obvious to get fascinated and wanting to talk to them or have a picture with them. Please do not disturb them during meditation times. Always take permission before taking photos.

⦁ Avoid Handshakes- There is a customary Cambodian way to greet each other. Pressings hands together closer to the chest with head bowed down is a polite and respectful way. This gesture is known as Sampeah. It is even a safe practice in Covid-19 times.

⦁ Right Left Hand- It is usual to use the right hand for neat and clean activities. The left hand is used while using a washroom. Hence, it is considered impolite and bad to use the left hand for eating, drinking, gifting, or any other tidy or auspicious thing.

⦁ Noticeable Gestures- Women should not touch the monks due to the custom beliefs that they do not have any temptations. Pointing somebody with fingers or feet is also taken to be discourteous. Remove shoes before entering a house or holy place.

⦁ Preserve Hygiene- Every traveler must not litter around at any place. Do not throw wrappers, disposables, or anything else around you. Dispose of unwanted things in dustbins. Avoid using plastic bags. Help to keep the infrastructure intact and clean.

Things to pack
A constant query while planning for a trip is – what to carry? Well, this may vary from person to person. However, as mentioned below, a general idea and common things can help to take along almost all needy things.
⦁ Apparels- Keep clothes according to the weather. Rainy visits would need extra pairs of clothes. Raincoats and rainboots will help you to enjoy yourself better. Beachwear and smart goggles will make you photographs-ready. Do not forget to pack decent clothes to visit fabulous temples and monuments. Rest would be the visitor’s choice.

⦁ Medications- God forbid, but you may keep some first-aid materials along. A mild pain killer, Band-Aids, antiseptic cream, and other regular pills should be kept handy. It has become essential to keep medicated hand sanitizer as well.

⦁ Devices- A trip would be incomplete without these accompaniments. Earplugs, headphones, mobile phone chargers, battery backup, camera, portable speaker, and of course, the mobile phone are some of the devices tourists carry to make memories.

⦁ Supplements- A handbag to carry things while roaming in the Cambodian city would be appreciated later. The warm temperature would need sunscreen application. Consider taking zip lock bags for any emergency needs. Perfumes and other styling accessories cannot be missed.
Cambodia is a great holiday destination. Check the beautiful pictures on the internet to get convinced. It can truly be a lifetime experience worth taking.


A world citizen since 2011. I left behind my material world and decided to settle in Cambodia after visiting 72 countries. I'm the honored owner of Cambodia-Travel.

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