Everything You Should Know About Cambodia And Traveling There

There are a lot of people that like to travel around the world. There are so many countries that allow tourists to that explore the rich heritage places. Cambodia is among the many countries with a huge tourist footfall because of the exotic tourist locations they have. Every place has its significance and matter for the tourists. The country is officially called the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is located in the southern part of the peninsula that covers both India and China. The country is bordered by Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and the Gulf of Thailand from all four directions. The area of the country is about 181035-kilometer squares. 
About the ethnicity
The country’s sovereign part has a population that is more than 15 billion, and the most practiced religion is Buddhism, with about 97% of the people following the same. The broad groups include Vietnamese, Chams, Chinese, and many kinds of hill tribes. The country’s capital, Phnom Penh, is also considered the political, economic, and cultural capital of Cambodia. The country is a constitutional monarchy where the person is chosen by the Royal Council of the Throne, the head of the state. The first prime minister that is the head of the state was first elected in the year 1985. 
Relief of the country
Cambodia’s landscape is characterized by a central alluvial plain that is low level and is surrounded by mountains, uplands, and even includes a few rivers. A sandstone bluff makes a south-facing cliff that stretches even more than 200 miles from west to east. The plains have eastern highlands along with mountains covered with forests with boundaries of upland blocks. It is a largely remote and uninhabited area spread across a large area. Simultaneously, the Gulf of Thailand’s southern coast is a highly narrow lowland and is highly wooded and populated. In contrast, the area of the central plain is surrounded by central highlands. 
The places to travel
Cambodia is the most enjoyable countries in south-east Asia. It has everything ranging from the mountains to the beaches. Some of the main places to travel in Cambodia include the following:
⦁ Siem reaps: it is the only principal tourist location in the town. There are a few situated in Angkor. There are more than 1000 monuments that lie over the area of 3000 kilometers located in the countryside. This small town has its specialties and popularity because of its small marketplaces and cute attractions. Along with it, there are many cafes, bars, and other public attractions. The nightlife and other boutique shops, along with several floating villages that come on the way. All this makes it a scenic view and something every tourist likes to experience.
⦁ Phnom Penh: it is the capital and has an alluring attraction and broadens the visitors because they influence the French. There are several colonial shophouses across the streets and many mind-boggling restaurants serving authentic Cambodian food to the tourists. Many people’s sole purpose is to experience the culinary of this place and enjoy the refreshing boat rides along the rivers like the Mekong and Tonle Sap that are considered very religious and holy. 
Battambang is the second-largest city in the country and is far away from all the city hustle and traffic. The location is very artistic, with several places to visit, like bars, restaurants, etc., with beautiful colonial-inspired architecture all over. There is a bamboo railway that is visited by hundreds of people every year.     
⦁ Kompong cham: it is located in the east and is the largest city there. Here, the waterfront is very attractive, with a few buildings from colonial times that stand along with the Mekong River. 
Most tourists mainly visit Cambodia because of its rich heritage of temples and old temple-like structures all around the country. A trip to Cambodia is not completed until and unless the tourists visit a temple, and it can be located anywhere. They are considered the most visited and significant tourist and archaeological sites in the country. The Angkor Wat is one of the most famous temples and is surrounded by corncob towers that dominate it but give it a breathtaking view. It is always advised to the tourists to visit these places early in the morning to avoid huge masses of visitors and enjoy the place. The tourists can, in this way, learn about the lace thoroughly and in detail. About 2 million people visit these places every year, making it one of the world’s most visited places. 
What is the best time to visit Cambodia?
The tourists planning to visit Cambodia should have an idea as to the perfect time to go and visit this country. Though the country remains warm throughout the year, the time from November to February is perfect because it is considered best for sight-seeing with less humidity and cool enough to visit every place with full time and energy. The country has rainy seasons too, making the entire country green, lush and attractive to even more tourists at that time. One challenge with this season is that the tourists have to face challenges as the rains might fall in the afternoon as well and ruin all the plans at times while the tourists can still avoid heavy crowds in this particular season. 
How can you reach Cambodia?
Cambodia is a country that is easily reachable by flights through two main airports in the cities of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Though there is no service of direct flights from Europe, the tourists can catch a connecting flight via Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lampur, etc. It is even possible to enter the country through the other neighboring countries by crossing the borders from Thailand, Vietnam as well as Laos. 
So, people should plan to visit Cambodia as this place is full of knowledge and excitement and is an entirely family thing for people of all ages to enjoy to their fullest. Spare no time in booking the tickets and go as soon as you can.  


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