Pack Your Bags To Travel The Kingdom Of Cambodia

The kingdom Cambodia, located in southeast Asia, which means the southern part of Indochina, is quite famous and at the top of the lists of freaking travelers. The Wanderlusters knows the beauty of the country, Cambodia. The beautiful beaches, dolphin shows, the Indochina region, and the North surrounded by Thailand give the country essence of every culture. If you are looking for actual wanderlust, then you should not miss out on this place. You will have the most expensive experience there. However, the country is not an expensive place to travel to, so don’t worry. So pack your bags and be ready to have a taste of the sand of Country Cambodia. 
Live the enriched culture of Buddhism
If you don’t know, then most of the population means above 90% of the citizens follow Buddhism, rest follow others. The country is currently having a population of around 15million. People being followers of Buddha tend to stay calm and surreal. The citizens of the country are very friendly; you will not going to feel lost there. 
Only a single visit can blow your mind up by their rich culture and practices. You will find it a safe place to meet your soul. There are temples where the Buddhists meditate and enjoy. However, they play games as well, enjoy with these little kids. As far as the lists of best countries to travel to, Cambodia tends to be the most underrated destination for traveling because of fewer media involvement and extra activities. However, traveling is more about finding yourself rather than visiting the overrated destinations, Right? The place has a rich history and some terrific incidents as well. Some of them are fresh; maybe that is the reason for being away from the limelight. You will encounter the most generous people out there. 
Is it a safe place to travel?
Apart from that, it is a safe place to travel, especially for girls. That’s something that makes it a promising place. If you are a one-time visitor there, then you need to visit a few temples, the Battambang, the beaches, the boat ridings under the hot sun, and many more to go. At least take a dozen days off to explore the beauty of the place. It has a nurturing peace to offer your mind. The horrific history has now vanished, and Cambodia has settled down with peace for long term benefits and the country’s safety.
Places to visit in Cambodia
There are several places you can have a look for at least once on your trip, such as:
⦁ Angkor Wat:  Place Angkor Wat is the religious and most beautiful monument in the world. Even the residence of Cambodia waits to have a visit there. The place has been occupying by the Buddhists for so long now, they meditate there, and some have made the destination their home. The place has various temples included in it, you can spend hours and days visiting there, but your mind and soul will demand more of it. The monks over there have been protecting the place and contributing to making it a peaceful place. 
If you are not a history buff, then it is not for you. There has been a lot of disasters caused by the place which ruined the tombs. It is nothing less than a storybook. The place reveals the unfolded ends of Hindu history, the incredibility of the temples, the place’s serenity, and whatnot.
⦁ Bokor national park: bokor is said to be one of the destinations for the French aristocracy. It is located nearby Kampot. 
⦁ Prasat Preah Vihear: the temple is a breathtaking temple established at the mountain. It is an ancient Hindu temple. The temple was built during the Khmer empire era. Now it is nearest to Thailand and comes under the reach of Cambodia country. You need a ticket to visit there, and the timing of the temple is between 7 am to 4 pm. 
⦁ River Village: You will see a lot of river villages during your journey. They are fascinating as you get to travel to the neighborhood by boat. The houses there are built with bamboo. 
⦁ Koh Kong: You can call it the most undeveloped area that lies on the coastline, but if you love adventure and what to explore the rock destinations, Koh Kong is one of those places. You can even see a beautiful sunset from there.
⦁ Phenom Peh: Being the capital of Cambodia, the place has some beautiful architecture but massive political aspects. It is a hub of french colonialism and the Khmer empire.
Get yourself into the history of Cambodia
Cambodia’s history is quite horrifying as the country has been a victim of genocide in the late 1970s. The Khmer rogue carried genocide under the rule of Pot Pot. Millions of people were killed, and still, it has lest a mental illness among the Cambodians. The national language of Cambodia is Khmer.
However, you do not need to worry about this right now, as it ended in 1979. You can travel freely and safely there. Cambodia has a unique variety of food on the menu. The food has a different essence to give to your tongue. You will surely find a place where you can enjoy great taste. The matter of benefits is that the food at Cambodian streets is very cheap. You can say it is a cheap travel thrill for your traveling bucket list. Even if you are looking for some lavish hotels, they will also cost you only a few bucks. 
Transportation is not an issue there, as well as they are cheap as well. You can get a local ride anywhere. The place has some beachy vibes, and a subtle sun wave at your skin gives a soothing feeling to your body, heart, and mind. It has mixed weather. In between November to February, the region stays cool, and then mild weather is noticed. Overall, Cambodia is a perfect place to travel.


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