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Travel To Cambodia And Explore Its Scenic Beauty

Located in the Indochina peninsula, Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country known for its geographical and physical features. The capital of this country is Phnom Penh, which is a hub for the French Colonialists and Khmer Empire. This capital of Cambodia bustles with plenty of market places that attract people from all over the world. This country is surrounded by some of the major international borders. Cambodia is also known for having a bloody history that interest most of the tourists. It interests them more to travel to this country and explore in detail. 
Know about the Religion of Cambodia 
People of Cambodia follow the religion of Theravada Buddhism. Almost 95 percent of the population happens to follow this religion. However, Cham Muslim and Christianity are two other prevalent religions that can be found practiced by the people of Cambodia. Chinese people in this country practice Confuism and Daoism very commonly. You can find almost eight gestures or statues of Lord Buddha across the country. So, most of the citizens of Cambodia worship Lord Buddha. 
Languages spoken in Cambodia
Another interesting factor that everyone should know before visiting Cambodia is its language. The Cambodian people speak the Khmer language that has an application of the two major Indic languages. These two Indic languages include Sangkrit and Pali languages from India. This language is also influenced by written and spoken Thai. Some of the technical languages of Cambodia are borrowed mostly from French. English is the most commonly communicated language used for the tourists who visit this country. So, the three popular languages that are spoken in this country are French, English, and Chinese. 
Geographical Features of Cambodia
There are some major and dominant features of Cambodia with a picturesque landscape. You can find some great rivers, mountains, highlands, and other attributes that define the beauty of this country. Some of these major features include:
● Tonle Sap or Great Lake
● Bassac River
● Mekong River
● Elephant Mountains
● Cardamom Mountains
● Dangrek Mountains
● Rattanakiri Plateau
● Chhlong highlands
There are also Central highlands and Central plains that are quite densely forested and sparsely populated. You can find plenty of elevated plains in the lowland regions. Cambodia’s highest mountain is Phnom Aural that has an elevation of 1,771 meters. The Elephant range is an extension of the Cardamom mountains. Narrow coastal plains surround these mountain ranges from the western side. Mekong River is the largest river in Cambodia and dominates the entire country. 
Major Attractions of Cambodia
Cambodia is home to many colossal temples. Apart from the horrific history of the era of Khmer Rouge. However, there are plenty of artistic accomplishments apart from brutal history. The temples of Angkor Wat and their historical relevance draw people from every corner of the world. 
It is not just the temples but the sandy beaches on the coastlines that also attract quite a lot of visitors. People can spend a lovely evening along these white beachy coastlines. The contemporary lifestyle of Cambodia is quite enjoyed by a lot of travel lovers. Some of the attractions that you must pay a visit when you are in Cambodia are: 

  1. Angkor archaeological park: This is a temple city of Cambodia. It is one of the must-see ancient attractions of this country. The Angkor Wat temple is the largest temple in the world. 
  2. Sihanoukville beaches: It is one of the topmost coastal destinations in Cambodia. These vibrant beaches and shorelines are sandy and quite great for spending your leisurely Sundays. Both foreign tourists and local tourists enjoy a lot of time sitting or walking along the beaches. 
  3. Phnom Penh: This is considered to be the heartbeat of Cambodia. There are quite a lot of top-rated restaurants and cafes for visitors in this chaotic city. You can visit the National Museum, the Royal Palace, and the Tuol Sleng Museum when in Phnom Penh. 
  4. Battambang: This countryside is filled with rice fields and tiny villages. Some of the popular temples that you can find in Battambang are Phnom Banan, Wat Ek Phnom, and Phnom Sampeau. 
  5. Ratanakiri: There are plenty of ethnic villages on the outskirts of Cambodia that are worth visiting. Visiting this village is a delight for every tourist who goes there. People who are too adventurous find Ratanakiri quite amazing. 
  6. Koh Rong Samloen: Lying on the south coast, this island is quite scattered. You can find big luxurious resorts surrounding this very beautiful beach. This island also has a very beautiful and white bay called Saracen bay. 
  7. Kampot: Cambodia’s riverine town Kampot has a lot of things stored for the visitors. The atmosphere here is quite comfortable and chilled-out. You can find the Bokor hill station and the two great caves made of limestone. These two caves are Phnom Sorsia and Phnom Chhnork. 
  8. Tonle Sap lake: It is the most important and popular waterway system of Cambodia. This freshwater lake is a great tool for the irrigation system here. You can find plenty of beautiful floating villages on this lake. 
  9. Kratie: If you want to explore the Mekong, then you must visit Kratie. The reason why most people visit this wonderful destination is due to the dolphins. People come here to watch the dolphins mostly. 
  10. Banteay Chhmar: If you want to visit more temples in Cambodia, you must come to Banteay Chhmar. It is surrounded by a dense forest and is quite deserted. You can learn all about the 12th-century history of this spectacular place. 
    Best time to travel to Cambodia
    Visitors find the temples of Angkor Wat to be one of the major attractions of Cambodia. Keeping that in mind, tourists should be able to visit Cambodia at a time when these temples are quite the best. However, if you are considering the weather, then the best months to visit these temples are December and February. The temperature and humidity during this time in Cambodia are quite comfortable and bearable. 
    If you are someone who enjoys smaller crowds and not so expensive markets or airfares, then march and April are the best months. You can enjoy the best outdoor time during these monsoon months. Cool seasons are always the best time to visit Cambodia as the summer season can be extremely uncomfortable for the tourists. You would certainly want to avoid the hot and humid months that can disrupt your comfort completely. 


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