Travelling Alone: 7 Tips for Staying Safe in Unknown Places

Everyone loves going on holiday, it is something that people plan months in advance and spend a lot of time being excited for and looking forward to. There’s nothing more exciting than going to sleep the night before and knowing that it is finally time to jet off to a new destination and the drive to the airport and the plane taking off are both so exciting too. Then when you step off the plane and feel the heat you know the holiday has started and it’s a great experience. When it comes to holidays most are advertised for families of 2 people, all the best holiday deals are usually for 2 but traveling alone is definitely something you should try. Traveling alone is a very liberating experience, there is something thrilling about the freedom that you have as you can do whatever you want whenever you feel like it when you’re off on your travels. If you travel alone, you can plan your holiday to be your perfect trip as you don’t have to consider other people’s needs and many people find it surprising but if you’re traveling alone, it’s usually much easier to make friends. It is also great as it helps to improve your self-confidence if you’ve traveled Thailand alone then when you return home it will feel like there’s nothing you can’t do. Traveling always has the potential to be dangerous but traveling alone is known to be more dangerous, whilst it shouldn’t put you off trying it you should be prepared so we’ve found 7 great tips to help you stay safe when you’re in a new place.  

Stay Connected

The advancements in technology have added a lot to safety when traveling alone, before mobile phones and GPS if you were to travel alone your loved ones would only hear from you via postcard. Now, however, before you leave you should talk to your mobile phone company and check if your phone has data roaming for the place you’re visiting as this will allow you to keep connected to other people and if anything happens, they won’t hear from you and will be aware that something bad has potentially happened. Often it is cheaper to buy a phone at your destination as data charges can be high when you’re abroad, but however, you do it make sure you keep in touch to help stay safe. 

Important Belongings

The most important items that you’ll take with you when you go traveling include your cash, your passport, and your credit cards. If any of these items go missing when you’re traveling alone you won’t have a friend to bail you out so you have to take extra care to make sure you keep them safe. You shouldn’t take your passport out with you unless you have to, on any days that don’t travel days you should leave your passport in your hotels safe. On travel days you shouldn’t leave all of these things in the same bag as if that bag gets stolen you’ve lost everything. On travel, days take extra precautions and leave your passport in a different pocket or bag to your cash. 

Research Potential Destinations

Whilst there is a risk anywhere that you travel alone, some destinations pose much more of a threat than others. You should do some research on where you plan to travel and look at the crime rates, government guidance on whether you should enter the country and you don’t want to break and of their traditions so check how they dress so you don’t accidentally dress inappropriately, this usually applies more to women.  


Whilst you’re traveling it’s good to make sure you have something to protect yourself, now we’re not suggesting you go out and buy a gun but in many places pepper spray is legal. Make sure you check this before you travel as you don’t want to be denied access to your flight but if legal this can make you feel much safer. Guardian self defense has found the best pepper sprays if you’re not sure which to purchase. 

Stay Healthy

In some destinations, you have to be more careful as things that we take for granted, like tap water being safe to drink, aren’t always the case. If you drink tap water that isn’t clean you can get very sick from it and you don’t want to get sick on your travels so stock up on bottled water if you need to. Make sure you have any vaccines that are recommended and if you know there are going to be poisonous insects or snakes make sure you know how to deal with these. 

Travel Buddy

If you’re staying in a hostel then it is likely that there will be lots of other travelers there, even if you don’t want to buddy up with them, you can inform them of your plans for the day and what time you’re likely to be back. Then if you don’t return, they will be able to alert the appropriate people to help ensure that you’re safe. 

Common Sense

Using your common sense is the best way to keep safe, if something feels dangerous then avoid it, and whilst you should enjoy yourself don’t let your guard down. Stick to the basics too, don’t walk alone in the dark in dodgy areas, and carry a bag on your front to avoid being pickpocketed. 


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