Your Complete Travel Guide For Visiting Cambodia And Around!

Cambodia is an amazing country to visit if you are a person who loves gathering knowledge about different religions and cultures. It is a country filled with cultural values and traditional aspects. For travel enthusiasts who love exploring different countries, Cambodia can be picked as the best travel destination for its cultural significance. From historical monuments to religious places, monks, and more, you’ll find everything here! Traveling to this country is simple and cheap. If you wish to visit this place, you do not have to worry much. Just learn some things about their culture and values, and that’s about it.
In any case, this guide will brief you about everything that could provide help in planning a trip to Cambodia.
Why should you visit Cambodia?
Cambodia is a country that could prove to be a wonderful tourist destination for most people. It has a rich culture that holds value in its people’s hearts to date. It is a place that is filled with beautiful tourist attractions and wonderful spots that will make every moment spent here worth remembering. If you want to see a different perspective on the things that you’ve seen till now, then this is the right place for that. For people interested in history, there is a lot to see.
It is also a place that is easy to travel to and cheap to explore. Keeping all these things in mind, one can make their mind to visit this destination right away.
What makes this place wonderful?
As you must have already known, most of the locals follow Buddhism religiously. Their Buddhist values hold great importance to them. As a result, this is a country filled with disciplined, peaceful, and calm people who are ready to help others in case of need.
This comes without saying that such peaceful people are also friendly and kind to others. They are always ready to help tourists whenever in need. They treat tourists very politely and try to help them by going out of their way even if they don’t understand them properly. This means that you will have a great time exploring this place.
This is exactly what makes Cambodia a ‘wonderful’ place to visit. It is unique, and the experience that you will have here becomes incomparable to any other place.
What are some must-visit places?
Some must-visit places of Cambodia are:
⦁ Angkor Wat Temple
⦁ Eastern Cambodia
⦁ Southwest Cambodia
Why should you learn things about Cambodia before visiting?
While Cambodia is a great place to visit, knowing a few things ahead of time could help you with difficult situations, if any. Not only can it save you from many difficult situations, but it can also help you get along with the people around you. This can make overall travel easier as people will go out of their way to help you behave well.
You also don’t want to appear ‘rude’ to anyone. To make sure that is the case, learning a few things could prove to be very helpful. With this, you can also make friends with people who will make your journey a lot more fun and exciting.
Talking with locals can also make you aware of the things that you are not aware of. This will make you avoid wasting your money and getting the most of your time.
What are some cities you must visit?
Some cities that you must visit during your vacation are:
⦁ Phnom Penh (capital of Cambodia)
⦁ Battambang (the second-largest city in Cambodia)
⦁ Siem Reap (the best town for tourism in Cambodia)
⦁ Kompong Cham (the biggest city of Eastern Cambodia)
What are some important things that you must know?
Some things that you must know about the locals in Cambodia are:
⦁ Their Greeting Style: when you are in Cambodia, you don’t just wave or shake hands with people and say aloud “Hello!”. Instead of this, you greet people while doing a ‘sample.’ This is a local greeting gesture that involves joining the hands together and putting them in front of your chest or face.
⦁ Calm behavior: It is common to not be ‘loud’ or ‘shout’ when you are in Cambodia. It is extremely disrespectful, so you can’t get angry. Try to stay calm and keep a smile as much as people. Please don’t lose your cool as it could make you seem rude. Peace is the answer no matter where you are in Cambodia.
⦁ Negotiate: Most of the street sellers and vendors will try to loot your money by putting an unreasonable price tag on everything. This is simple because Cambodia is comparatively cheaper than Western countries, so the locals don’t expect tourists to know about the local prices. As long as something doesn’t have a tag stating a fixed price, don’t fall for the first price scam. Try to negotiate as much as possible until you think that the price is locally suitable. This goes for no matter what you do in this country.
What is the best time for visiting Cambodia?
The best time to visit Cambodia is when it not scorching hot. As it is a warm country, it stays that way during the entire year, however, sometimes the weather is pleasant too. There are also monsoon times, however, the rainy season should be avoided to explore the country properly.
If you want to know about the best time to visit this country, it is probably around the time when the temperatures are ‘decent’ or ‘pleasant.’ This should be somewhere between November -February.
The coolest seasons are December and January. This should be a great time to visit as you would not have to avoid going out due to hot weather or rain.
Now that you know about all the important things that one must know before visiting Cambodia, it is time for you to plan out your schedule, book the plane tickets, pack your bags and start your journey as soon as possible!


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